February 6, 2011 by the Rector

This is also the Rector’s Annual Report

In this sermon, which is also the Annual Report of the Rector to the Parish, the Rector says, in reflecting on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, “Each of us is called like Jesus’ disciples to minister in his name. Jesus used metaphors like salt and light because they were easy to remember, yet challenging, and because of what they do, and because they were simple images: Salt to liven things up to give some taste, light to reveal God’s love to the world for the sake of justice, mercy and peace. I know that we can all be that salt and light and I challenge each of us to go from this place remembering these simple words of Godspell: “So let your light so shine …Let your light so shine So that they might know some kindness again.”

Download the pdf here – February 6 Sermon

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