History Project

The idea for the History Project began at the time of the 2013 Semi Annual Meeting. Material for the skit presented at that meeting came from the booklet, “A History of Christ Church Episcopal” published in 1979. This written history covers the early years of the parish. Now we need to “catch up” with the years between 1980 to the present time.  That’s 36 years for us to cover in the History Project. The last nine years are covered pretty well by materials on file and in our own memories. Putting them into written form for “A History of Christ Church – Part II” can be done fairly easily. Gathering information from 1980-2006 has required looking for old files and records, talking with those who were here at the time for their recollections of events and activities, pictures, names and any memorabilia that they might still have.

A small group has begun the process meeting on Mondays at 10 am. We need pictures, bulletins, newsletters, anecdotes about activities, events and parishioners no longer here as well as any insights from others of the years from 1980 to 2015. Volunteers are very welcome to help those of us who have started this job of updating our written history.  

Many thanks to the following members of the team: Ann Brown, Betty Hadfield, Bill Hendricks, Toney Hopkins, Bob Lawton, Marge Marion (Emeritus), Sheila Moss-White, Jane Romer.

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