We have a wonderful and unique history here on Cape Cod. We trace our roots back to the early 1900’s when we first find mention of Episcopal gatherings in Harwich, MA. By 1925 the congregation had grown to the point of needing a building of its own. Through the generosity of the Marquise de Sers (a friend of one of the women leaders in the congregation) a building plan was begun. Twelve dedicated women formed the nucleus of what would be one of only a few churches begun by women.

The church was incorporated under Massachusetts law as Christ Church, Harwich Port on July 27, 1926. The name Christ Church, suggested by the Marquise, is one Christian faiths could claim. Since its origins, women have played an important leading role in Christ Church. The uniqueness of the church’s origins makes our ministry special.

Over the course of years, our numbers have grown and our campus has expanded. We welcome everyone to our worship gatherings and to participation in vital outreach connections. We educate and encourage thoughtful discussion. Our coffee hours and lobster roll lunches are fun and delicious. For more than 50 years, Noah’s Ark Thrift Shop has provided for the community.

We are part of the Episcopal church in the Diocese of Massachusetts. As those first women did, we look toward a future that will continue to grow and change with the times.

Corona Virus Update

We follow the directives of the Diocese of Massachusetts and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to ensure safe re-gatherings in the buildings and on the property of our campus.

Christ Church Episcopal

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